Guide to Fence Installations

Choosing Your Fence Style

The first step is deciding what type of fence style suits your needs. Our options are wooden fences, chain-link fences, vinyl fences and iron fences.

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Choosing Your Color

Wood – Wood has a variety of colors to choose from. See our color chart below.

Chain Link – The standard galvanized steel, black vinyl coated and green vinyl coated.

Vinyl Fence – Vinyl fence colors usually come in white or tan.


Fence Board & Post Height

Fence height varies from 3 ft – 8ft in height.

Wood – The standard fence board is 6 ft and 8 ft. We can customize to any height requirements.

Chain Link – Chain Link fences come in 3 ft, 4 ft, 6ft and 8 ft. Chain Link also has different gauge mesh. Gauge is the thickness of the mesh. The lower the gauge the thicker the mesh.

Vinyl & Wrought Iron – We offer 6ft and 8ft for both vinyl and Iron fences.

Fence Posts

Choosing your fence posts is the most critical part of building a fence. This is the backbone of your entire fence.

Wood – We install 4×4 wooden fence posts and  for some custom designs and gates we do install 4×6 wooden posts.

Galvanized Steel – We only install Schedule 40 steel fence posts. We do not recommend 16 gauge standard posts. They bend and snap at the bottom.